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World Time Clock For Your Pc

Every PC user knows that there is an internal clock in the computer, however not everyone knows that computer clock is not absolutely accurate, that time difference could be up to several minutes in a year and that every two workstations in the same office will display different time unless you will take care about time synchronization.

WorldTime Clock is a universal time-keeping utility, providing PC users with the most accurate time by synchronizing with atomic time servers and displaying local Time and Date in any Location (or Timezone) around the world. 

WorldTime Clock will display the local time in the selected time zone every time you need it, you don't need to update your local system settings or launch an internet browser when Internet is slow or unavailable - just run the WorldTime Clock.With a single mouse click you will see the time you need. Another click hides the display and frees the display space for your work items.

How to Download 

step1:Click the download button below .
step2:Save the file on your desired place.
step3:Open the folder where you have download the file,it is a .exe file.
step4:Open the executable file and install the Clock in your system.If you like this post share with others.

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