Download YouTube Video Even It Is Blocked Through Online Converters

Even The YouTube Has Been Blocked But You Can Download It Using Online Converters In a Simple Way:

If the YouTube has been blocked even then you can open the YouTube using Proxy Servers(method described in post  How To Open Blocked Sites) and you can also download the video through the help of online YouTube converters websites.Some of the sites are mentioned in the block.Their are many websites available online through you can convert any video or YouTube video to different formats by simply giving the url of the video or uploading it through your computer or directly browsing YouTube.

Following are some links through which you can convert YouTube videos online and can download it on your system.

1.Online Media Converter ( 
                              Media Converter is one of the way through which you can convert  your file in to different formats like mp3,audio,mp4,mpeg4 and avi.To converte visit

Online Media Converter
Enter the Link of the file or upload a file from a computer or browse Youtube.After that enter the videos in the queue you want to insert.Click the back button on up and after that click on"go to next step button".

After that select the format of file in which you want to convert it and click on "start conversion".Your videos will we converted and you can download on to your pc.

2.Online Video Converter (
                                      Online video converter is also one of the way through which you can convert any youtube video to any format and download it to your system or watch it.To converte visit the site

online video converter
Select any option you want if you want to convert video from Youtube or any other site to mp3 or other audio select option 1,if you want to convert to mp4 or other video formats select option 2.If you want to convert from your pc select option 3.

online video converter
 Now if you want to convert it from YouTube enter the url of the video and click arrow button.After that select the video format you want to convert.After the video has been converted save it your pc.


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