How to import the email addresses of your Facebook Friends through Yahoo:

Do you want the email address of your Facebook Friend and it is not visible on  in its profile so you can get it by following basic simple steps.

Step1:Open the page of

Step2:Click on mail on the top right corner of the page.

Step3:You the login page of Yahoo mail will be opened. Click on the facebook button below sign in with.

Step4:After this a page like below will be opened.Enter your facebook email and password.

Step5:After this you have to click on the “login with facebook button”.

Step6:After that following page will be opened.Fill the form and click on continue button.

Step7:Now you have singup for yahoo through your Facebook account,after that open your yahoo mail and select the contacts tab as shown below and click on import contacts.

Step8:The following window will be opened click on the facebook button.

Step9:The following window will be opened click on ok to proceed further

Step10:After that it will retrieve data from the facebook and all your facebook friends email addresses will be imported in contacts.

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