Earn $30,000 Per Month Through Facebook

Facebook is the largest and highly growing  social media now a days.Every body using internet is connect socially with his friends,family and relatives through social media.You remain all the time online on the Facebook and you are strongly socially connected to your friends,family and relatives.

Have your ever thought that you can earn money through Facebook?
Yes you can earn revenue through Facebook and other social media website like Twitter,Google+ and Orkut by sharing shortener links through adfly using social media websites.
Adfly is url shortener service which pays you for each unique visit.

What you have to do?
1.Firstly you make your adfly account.To register your adfly account click here .
2.Once you have registered for adfly the page like below will open.

3.Now copy paste the link you want to share on Facebook Shorten a link input area and after that click on Shrink.
4.After this a copy button will appear click on it the link location will be copied.
5.After that share that link on the Facebook and Twitter by pasting this link and invite every body to visit so that when any body visit that link the revenue will be generated.Make more and more friends and invite them to visit your link.

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