Why are you Facing Problems in Earning Online From Your Blog

Why are you facing problems in earning online from your blog?You see a large number of ads on earn money online.There are a lot of advertising websites which gave you a code and you can publish ads on your blog and your revenue is generated when some body click on those ads.It seems to be very charming but when you register for account as an publisher and place the ads on your blog have you ever thought what thing on your blog would make money?Its traffic on your blog that would give you money.
What do you do?You fastly make a blog and after publishing 2-3 posts rash towards monetizing your blog without seeing the traffic on your blog.

online earning
Online Earning

What is the solution?Firstly you should work hard on your blog, write good,attractive and informative posts.Make your account on social media websites like Facebook,twitter and Google+ and share them on these social media website.Also you can make a page on Facebook and Google+ and invite more people to like that page and share your post on that page.You can also use Youtube for promoting your blog by uploading the tutorials of your blog. When you are sure that you are having high traffic on your website then start monetizing your website.

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